IBM Recognized as Operations Leader for Seventh Consecutive Year

Written by: Denis Murphy

IBM has been named a leader in the 2018 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Operational Support Systems. Gartner explored major vendors that sell end-to-end OSS communication service providers in the global marketplace and IBM improved its position as a leader for our completeness of vision and continued execution. This is the seventh consecutive year that IBM has been named in the leader’s quadrant.

The OSS MQ rates major vendors that sell end-to-end OSS to communications service providers in the global marketplace. The OSS becomes a critical control point that enables CSPs to shift from traditional to digital infrastructure operations. As Gartner outlines, the emergence of software-defined networking (SDN) and network function virtualization (NFV) enforces a trend towards unified OSS orchestration infrastructures, spanning closed-loop holistic fulfillment, assurance, policy and analytics, as CSPs venture into multivendor virtualized and software-driven networks, as well as hybrid virtualized traditional network and service environments and business models.

Network and service assurance is an area where IBM Netcool Operations Insights has been proven through long-term deployments in the largest and the most demanding heterogeneous infrastructures in the world. IBM has added an array of analytics capabilities that allow us to drive operations efficiency, closely monitor customer experience metrics, and detect emerging problems before they impact customers.

In 2017 IBM launched a new complimentary Netcool capability called Agile Service Manager. Netcool Agile Service Manager allows the real-time view, support and management of highly dynamic infrastructures and services. By visualizing complex network topologies in real-time (and allowing for historical views), updated dynamically or on-demand, and allowing further investigation of events, incidents and performance, operational efficiency is improved, problems are detected and solved faster, false alarms are reduced, and automation and collaboration between operational and network teams is improved.

As CSPs make the NFV journey from basic network virtualization to dynamically managing the lifecycle of virtual network functions (VNFs) and ultimately to a cloud native network, they will need an increasing degree of operational automation. Launched in Q4 2017, IBM Agile Lifecycle Manager provides a comprehensive services design, testing and automated deployment solution that address the challenges and complexities of the NFV paradigm. IBM Agile Lifecycle Manager enables automated operations by managing the end-to-end lifecycle of virtual network services, from release management of 3rd party VNF software packages right through to the continuous orchestration or running of VNF and Service instances.

Finally, the overall solution is knit together with IBM’s extensive telecom services helping you transform your people and processes as well as your tools to maximize the value and flexibility of your end-to-end OSS solution.

Read the 2017 Gartner MQ for OSS report here and see why IBM has been acknowledged as a leader.

Denis Murphy

Offering Manager - IT Service Management IBM Cloud

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