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DataPower Admin URL?

I am entering a DataPower Admin URL in a browser and I am not getting automatically logged in. I am part of an AD group. Any idea why it's not letting me login? 

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How to Change Maximum Historical Files Value for Trace.Log at Runtime in Websphere?

Hi Team,

I would like to modify Trace.log Maximum number of historical files value at runtime for server using wsadmin. I have a piece of code that modifies the configuration level. But I need it to be modified at runtime.

def setTrace (name,numOfFiles,maxSize):

traces = AdminConfig.list('TraceService').splitlines()

For trace in traces:

If name == AdminConfig.showAttribute(AdminConfig.showAttribute(trace,'context'),'name') or name == 'ALL':

 log = AdminConfig.showAttribute(trace,'traceLog')

AdminConfig.modify(log, [['maxNumberOfBackupFiles', numOfFiles]])

AdminConfig.modify(log, [['rolloverSize', maxSize]])

print 'Setting trace for %s' % (name)

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Run-Away Service in BPM?

Currently in the process of developing BPM and it appears a service has entered an infinite loop in error. How can I clean this up and other instances/tasks from looping? 

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Cognitive Capabilities of NOC?

I would like to understand Cognitive capabilities of NOC. How efficient is the Machine Learning in NETCOOL. How is this achieved?

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How Frequently Does Eslim Run?

How frequently does eslim run? Is it only during implementation?  

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