An Exciting Upgrade is Coming Your Way...

We’re thrilled to share that we are upgrading the community platform and joining the IBM Community!

As we mentioned earlier this week, IMWUC will be temporarily inaccessible from May 24th to May 29th while we work to ensure a smooth transition. Don’t worry, all your content, group memberships, and subscriptions will remain the same.

While we continue to work toward completing this upgrade, we wanted to also share some of the exciting features coming your way!

  • Single sign on with your IBMid: this means one less username/password combo to remember 
5-17 1.png
  • Import your professional profile information from LinkedIn: the easiest way to complete your profile – don’t disappoint us!
5-17 2.png
  • @mentions: Just like the kids are doing these days on social media platforms
5-17 3.png
  • Embed images and video in discussions: Who is more excited about this, the community managers or the community members..?
5-17 5.png
  • One-click RSVP for events: Local User Group members, rejoice!
5-17 4.png
  • Enjoy Easier NavigationWe heard your feedback and made navigation less clunky. Access files with ease, get information tailored to your interests, and get from point A to B seamlessly!
5-17 6.png

I’m sure you’ve seen the communications from the IBM Middleware User Community team regarding this exciting upgrade, and you will continue to see more as we get closer to launch. If you have any questions, please reach out at

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Not unavailable?

May 28, 2018 05:35 AM by Morag Hughson

This blog post says this website will be unavailable from the 24th May, but I have just arrived here without any problems by clicking on links from your notification email that arrived on the 25th, so this site is not unavailable, and it doesn't appear editing anything is in any way turned off. Is this correct?

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An Exciting Upgrade is Coming Your Way...

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